Religious Education


Religious education is not part of the National Curriculum but must be taught in schools by law. RE is provided in accordance with the Local Authority Agreed Syllabus – this is a new syllabus in 2019 and draws from the most recent practice and educational thinking. It is knowledge based and provides opportunities for all pupils, regardless of the personal background and beliefs, to make sense of key knowledge, recognise similarities and differences between religious and non-religious beliefs and understanding the impact of religion across our community. Whilst at the same time developing a good knowledge and understanding of the principal faiths in Britain. The syllabus promotes an inclusive and educational approach to RE, which is of increasing importance to help people understand modern society and critical issues in the world, as well as promoting understanding and respect. It enables teachers to develop key skills, attitudes and dispositions in their pupils, such as critical thinking, empathy and conceptual creativity, which will equip them better to be able to grapple with the questions that life throws at us. Through RE we aim to enable children to understand the nature of religion, its beliefs and practices. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE lessons and collective worship and should talk to the Headteacher if this is their intention.