Physical Education and School Sport


“Our vision is to provide sustainable, well balanced PE and School opportunities for all children to encourage increased participation to build confidence, self-esteem and teamwork.”


At Widewell Primary Academy, Physical Education is intent on promoting positive attitudes towards physical activity and well-being.To implement this, all children take part in a minimum of two hours of high quality PE as a result of a broad and balanced curriculum that includes athletics, invasion, net/wall and striking and fielding games, swimming and outdoor and adventurous activities. In addition, there are opportunities for expressive and creative fundamental movement through dance and gymnastics.


Physical Education is enriched through the provision of a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs where children have the opportunity to participate in an extra hour of after-school clubs led by members of staff and sports coaches.


Children have the opportunity to take part in Intra-School activities within school and Inter-School events with other Horizon MAT schools. Widewell Primary Academy is member of the Plymouth School Sports Partnership and participates in level 2 Inter-School competitive events and festivals organised by the Partnership.


All pupils in Year 5 or 6 have the opportunity to take part in a week’s residential where all children are encouraged to participate in a range of outdoor and adventurous activities including abseiling, climbing, kayaking, orienteering and cycling. Children participate in individual and team-based physical and mentally challenging land and water-based activities. These opportunities are invaluable for the children’s personal and social skills development to be able to achieve personal goals.


Our intended impact is that all children are provided with varied experiences and opportunities within PE and School Sport. This will enable them to create pathways to follow both during and beyond their school lives as a result of acquiring the skills needed to participate with confidence and enjoyment in a range of physical activities at school and in the wider community. This will instil an appreciation of the importance of regular exercise as a way of keeping fit, both physically and mentally.