Read, Write Inc

At Widewell Primary Academy we use a synthetic phonics programme called 'Read Write Inc.' produced by Ruth Miskin.    

We strongly promote the use of synthetic phonics when teaching early literacy skills to children. Synthetic phonics is simply the ability to convert a letter or letter group into sounds that are then blended together into a word.

Read Write Inc. is a method of learning centred on letter sounds and phonics, blending them together to read and write words and using these learnt sounds in their reading and writing. 

Using Read Write Inc. the children learn to read effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into comprehending what they read. It also allows them to spell effortlessly so that they can put their energy into composing what they write.

The children are assessed and grouped according to their ability.  They will work with a teacher or teaching assistant on the Read Write Inc. programme daily.

At the end of each term the children will be assessed again and may move groups or the whole group may move forward in the programme. If a child needs moving up before the end of term they are assessed and moved straight away. In addition to the Read Write Inc. programme the children will also be working on writing skills in their classes with their own class teacher.