Our Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent  

Principles and purpose 

We believe in a broad and balanced curriculum, where the importance of all subjects is respected, to create a curriculum offer our whole school community values.  

Set in a local, national and worldwide context, our curriculum will equip our children with a breadth of knowledge and skills in all National Curriculum subject areas, as well as our values of friendship, respect, responsibility, perseverance and kindness.  

We also believe in promoting an understanding of well-being and positive mental health throughout the school which is addressed as a way of working which is integrated within the curriculum offer as a whole.  

We wish to create: 

  • Happy, confident children who strive to be the best they can be. 

  • Expressive learners who are exposed to a language rich school environment and given the opportunity to articulate their thinking using high quality vocabulary. 

  • Responsible learners who understand the role that personal responsibility and effort play in success. 

  • Resilient learners who persist in the face of obstacles and are up for a challenge. 

  • Curious learners who ask questions about the world around them and want to make a positive contribution beyond the school community. 

  • Capable learners who develop transferrable, sustained knowledge for their continuous learning journeys. 

  • Positive learners who see mistakes as an opportunity and that taking risks in their learning is a good thing. 

  • Inspired learners who experience and appreciate beautiful things and go on to create a diverse range of art, music and dance. 

  • Successful learners who have pride in the presentation of their learning in all its forms. 


Entitlement and enrichment 

All children in our school are entitled to:  

  • educational visits / visitors  

  • extra-curricular activities  

  • regular outdoor learning  

  • opportunities to represent their class and the school in different ways eg School Parliament/Food Council/Eco-warriors/Service Ambassadors; annual election to become ‘Headteacher for the day’; sporting events; Youth Speaks; choir and music events. 

  • learn to play two instruments – the ukulele and a brass instrument 

  • learn to ride a bike through Balanceability in the infants and Bikeability in the juniors 

  • take part in a production each year 


Where children are unable to access all of the main curriculum, we give consideration to the seven aspects of cognition and learning: responsiveness, curiosity, discovery, anticipation, persistence, initiation and investigation.  


The curriculum is regularly enriched by response to events in the news and events such as charity days, as well as the older children’s involvement in organising the school’s summer fair each year. We also foster community involvement in the school by inviting in people from the local church/food bank/volunteers/local businesses to events and performances at school eg the Easter Breakfast.