Widewell Nursery

Our Nursery is a teacher led learning environment, which is fully integrated into the main academy and is part of the Early Years Team. It is a social enterprise which offers the best quality and value service, for our Parents/Carers from age 3 and mirrors the school day and term dates of the main school.

The Nursery and Foundation class, work together as a unit, allowing the children to move freely around all areas of the Foundation Stage with the children having access to the outside area whatever the weather! We plan a wide range of opportunities for children to learn through fun, hands on experiences in both adult led and child initiated activities. 

For more information, please view our prospectus here or contact us at the office, please see our details below.


Morning, afternoon and all day sessions are available between the hours of 08:45 and 15:30, with and without vouchers. We also offer Wrap Around Care from 07:30 to 17:30, at an additional cost. Please contact the school office for more details.

Morning session – 08:45 – 11:45 - £10.00
Afternoon session – 12:30 – 15:30 - £10.00
Lunch session – 11.45 – 12.30 - £1.80 (with a packed lunch) or £3.20 (with a school lunch)

If you require your child to stay for extra sessions, these are priced at £10 per session. All costs must be paid for in advance, to secure your chosen sessions.

Please be aware:
The sessions that are funded, that have been requested, are set for the whole of the term, and cannot be amended until a new term starts, due to local funding arrangements. Also, lunch session fees are not included as part of the funding and are extra.

Funding Periods 

All 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for funding for nursery care up to a maximum of 30 hours per week, the first full term after their 3rd birthday. A minimum of 3 hours may be used per day.

Funding allocation cut off points, children need to turn 3 before:

  • 1st September to be entitled to funding for the Autumn term
  • 1st January to be entitled to funding for the Spring term
  • 1st April to be entitled to funding for the Summer term

At Widewell, we are willing to take your child from their 3rd birthday and if funding is not available until the term after their 3rd birthday, we propose to charge a reduced rate for the first 15 hours, at £7, per 3-hour session (to recognise that funding is not available because of birthday timing).

15 Funded Hours

Your child can start in our Nursery from the term after their 3rd birthday and are entitled to 15 hours a week funded Nursery provision. If you would like your child to start earlier, they can start as soon as they turn 3, however there will be a payment for this.

The 15 hours funded provision can be taken in several ways such as:

  • Either morning sessions OR afternoon sessions each week.
  • Two full days and one half day session each week.
  • One full day and three half day sessions.

30 Funded Hours

For parents/carers who both work (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family) they may be entitled to 30 hours funded Nursery childcare, which we provide at Widewell.

You can find out if you are eligible for this by visiting online either Childcare Choices website or calculator and if eligible submit an online application.

Each parent needs to work a minimum of 16 hours a week at the national minimum wage to qualify for this 30 hours funding.

Tours of the nursery and school are available on request, please contact the school office to arrange this.

Early Years Curriculum 

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is designed to meet the needs of all children up to the age of 5, in keeping with the Early Years Curriculum guidelines. This is achieved through joint weekly planning and times of shared learning, across the Nursery/Foundation areas, offering a consistent curriculum, which gives your child the very best start.

This is made up of 3 prime areas:

  • Personal, social, and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Physical development

There are also 4 specific areas of development:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Arts and Design 

Children will be given opportunities to learn at their own level and we endeavour to follow the children's interests, to help us plan fun and exciting activities. We love the outdoors and always plan activities that involve the environment around us.

If your child currently attends our nursery, you can view the class page here.

Contact Information
Telephone: 01752 778796