Widewell Nursery

Are you interested in joining our Nursery? We have places available for 3 year olds, so please contact us to book a tour so that you can see our wonderful provision for yourselves!
Please find out more about our Nursery by clicking on this link:

Our Nursery is a teacher led learning environment, which is fully integrated into the main academy and is part of the Early Years Team. It is a social enterprise which offers the best quality and value service, for our Parents/Carers from age 3 and mirrors the school day and term dates of the main school.

The Nursery and Foundation class, work together as a unit, allowing the children to move freely around all areas of the Foundation Stage with the children having access to the outside area whatever the weather! We plan a wide range of opportunities for children to learn through fun, hands on experiences in both adult led and child initiated activities. 

For more information, please view our prospectus here or contact us at the office, please see our details below.

If your child currently attends our nursery, you can view the class page here.

Contact Information
Telephone: 01752 778796