We encourage the wearing of school uniform as it gives the children a sense of pride in the school and their place within it.  Parents have agreed on its value and usage on the grounds of cost, practicality and promotion of the school ethos.  It is important that suitable clothing including sensible shoes are worn so that children can join in with all of the activities that are offered to the throughout the school day. Boots and dolly shoes are not suitable for school as they do not provide the support children's feet need for the activities they take part in over a school day. Children must be able to do up their shoes independently.

PE uniform is to be worn on the two days each week that the children have their PE lessons. They do not need to wear their regular uniform on these days at all.

Earrings should only be worn if they are small, unobtrusive plain studs. They must be taken out for all PE lessons or not worn on PE days. It would be useful for children to have a small box to put their earrings in for PE and these will be stored in a locked drawer in the classroom during the lesson. If your child is going to have their ears pierced, this is best done at the very beginning of the summer holidays to allow for their ears to heal.

Long hair should be tied back with small unobtrusive bands which are either blue or black. Large fashion bows are not part of our school uniform. Hair styles should be neat and tidy with no gel or embellishments such as unnatural colours or patterns cut into the sides.

The school uniform is a royal blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan; a white polo shirt, blouse or shirt; grey/black school trousers, skirt or pinafore; grey, white or black tights or socks; black shoes (not boots, dolly shoes, trainers, open-toed sandals or heels).

A summer dress can be worn in the summer term. 

There is a school tie that some children choose to wear with their shirts which is also available for purchase.

The P.E. uniform is a royal blue hoodie, royal blue T-shirt, and navy blue shorts/black joggers/leggings/tracksuit bottoms; white sports socks; dark-coloured trainers which your children can fasten for themselves.

Order forms for school branded uniform are available from the school office or you can download the one below. School uniform is held in The Schoolwear Shop, 105 Mayflower St, Plymouth, PL1 1SD (01752) 252025



School polo shirts £9.25
School sweatshirts £13.50 - £17.00
Nursery sweatshirts and hoodie £13.50 - £14.50
Embroidered cardigan £14.50 - £17.50
School Ties £5.00
P.E. T-Shirt £6.50 - £7.50
P. E. hoodie £14.50 - £19.50
P.E. shorts £4.49 - £6.50