About Us
Widewell Parent Teacher Association (WPTA) is a group of parents who raise funds to support our brilliant school and all its wonderful children. We like to raise these funds by running fun events for the children, and occasionally the adults too. The WPTA is not an exclusive club, it is open to all parents and staff and we really appreciate any help anyone can give. We meet every month, or so, to come up with ideas, make plans and think of new fundraising events. If you have time to help out, or if you have any skills, ideas or contacts you think would help us, please come along or send us an email. We are constantly looking for new volunteers as obviously our members leave when their children move to their new schools.
So far we have bought:
  • the pirate ship
  • netball kit
  • Trugs - phonics resources
  • football kit
  • persona dolls
  • portable PA system
  • contributed towards a Y6 trip
  • Y6 lockers
  • hoodies for sports teams
  • planters
Typical events
Christmas fair, discos, Easter bingo, summer fair