Robins - Nursery

Welcome to Robin Class! 

Our Nursery is a Teacher-led learning for children from age 3.

Miss Webb 
Mrs Gifford 

Teaching Assistants 
Mrs Rebhan
Mrs Davies
Mrs Tucker
Autumn Term 2

This term our topic is,
'how is where I live different to where someone else lives? 
Autumn Term 1
This term our topic is
'What can I do now that I couldn't do when I was a baby?'

On our Launch Day we looked at our baby photos, made mushy baby food, changed babies nappies and designed onesies. 
We were also very lucky to have some of our own families visit the nursery with our younger siblings. we talked about how babies are very different to us and they will change like we do all the time. 
Summer Term
 Spring Term
Personal, Social and Emotional
Communication and Language

This term we are learning about rhyming words in lots of different ways. We have already learnt a song about a Spooky Spider and are listening to rhyming words in Room on the Broom
Physical Development 
We have recently started our weekly PE sessions and the children have adapted very well! They have been practising balancing, jumping, running, throwing and all the while developing their ability to follow instructions. 
This term we will be talking about sequencing stories and the structure of them. We have already read 6 new books all about feelings and emotions and the children have retained these so well and are able to tell us what happened! 
 This term we will be focusing on shapes in our environment. We have started with a shape hunt round the school with our shape detectors and making pictures with shapes.
Understanding of the World 
We have been talking a lot about the weather changing and how it gets darker in the afternoons now. We have made our own weather chat so we can check if it changes day to day. 
Expressive Arts and Design