Robins - Nursery

Welcome to Robin Class! 

Our Nursery is a Teacher-led class for children from age 3.

Miss Webb 
Mrs Gifford 

Teaching Assistants 
Mrs Rebhan
Mrs Davies
Mrs Tucker
 Spring Term 1
This term our topic is:
'How can people help us?' 
Autumn Term 2
This term our topic is,
'how is where I live different to where someone else lives? 

We looking at the similarities and differences of Plymouth and Cape Town. 
The children looked at the flags of both countries. 
We also talked about how both places are by the sea, and both have a red and white building on the shore. 
Both places have houses but Plymouth houses are very tall and Cape Town houses are very short. 
Both have a annual celebration and competition but one is a firework competition and one is a costume competition. 

Autumn Term 1
This term our topic is
'What can I do now that I couldn't do when I was a baby?'

On our Launch Day we looked at our baby photos, made mushy baby food, changed babies nappies and designed onesies. 
We were also very lucky to have some of our own families visit the nursery with our younger siblings. we talked about how babies are very different to us and they will change like we do all the time. 
Special Events 
Chinese New Year 2020!
Christmas 2019!
Personal, Social and Emotional
In Nursery children are learning all the time about how to behave, how to share, how to listen, how to talk and how to be a good friend.
The children know that: kind hands; listening ears; talking voices and walking legs all keep us safe and happy.
Any and all opportunities in Nursery can help a child grow in confidence, learn to play well with others and adapt their behaviour positively. 
Communication and Language

This term we are learning about alliteration! We will be using sounds from our names to link with other objects such as:
Elephants, envelopes and eggs. 
We will also be developing our ability to think about why things happen and what might happen next. We will be encouraging the children to explain their thinking with words such as 'because...'
Physical Development 
This term in PE we have been developing our ABCs in physical development. We have been developing our:
We have also been practising our dressing skills. We are all peservering with putting our shoes and socks on ourselves and zipping up our own coats. 
We are also developing our pencil grip and learning how to cut with scissors. 
we have also been encouraging the children to use their knives and forms more independently and they are doing so well!
This term we will be looking at simple games to support our sentence structure. 
We will be playing I Spy around the school, visiting the library every Friday and look at new types of books to spark children's interests. 
 This term we will be focusing on counting. We will be learning to count up and back to 10. 
We will also be getting involved in lots of number problems to support their curiosity and interest in making marks for number. 
Understanding of the World 
We have been talking a lot about the weather changing and how it gets darker in the afternoons now. We have made our own weather chart so we can check if it changes day to day. 
We have been having lots of discussions about different occupations; dentists, postal workers and firefighters! We have been learning about how they help us in our communities and help us individually. 
Expressive Arts and Design
Children's imagination should flourish in Nursery. Any activity is an opportunity for children to think for themselves and interpret what they have seen. Lots of children imitate behaviour from adults in their lives - lots of children pretend to be Miss Webb taking the register! 
We should also always encourage creativity. Children won't always use an object in a way that we would - we have children turning planks of wood into iPads and wooden blocks into the Great Wall of China!