We will continue to work on grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will also be working on our story writing skills, learning how to write playscripts and studying myths and legends.


The children will be learning multiplication and division strategies, measure - length, mass, volume, money and time, and will also be learning about statistics including graphs and bar charts.


PE is on Monday and Wednesday. PE kit must be worn on those days and should be named. If any child does not have their PE kit in school they will be required to wear spare kit. PE kits should be brought in on Monday and taken home on Friday. Children will need trainers for outside PE. 


All homework is on the homework cards that your children bring home. This will be in the form of times tables and spellings to learn for tests on Friday. Homework cards will show the dates of all tests. Children also have optional homework tasks usually linked to their topic or science. There is also a space for you to fill in any `wow` activities that your child may have done at home. These can earn your child extra house points! If you have any questions about homework please feel free to ask.

School bag

Your child needs to bring a pencil case, reading book and reading record every day to school. Can you please ensure your child has a bottle of water for use in the classroom. (Juice is allowed with a packed lunch only.) Library books need to be brought in on Monday. Children must ensure they bring their signed homework cards and reading records in on Friday to be checked. If you lose a reading record, you can get a replacement from the school office for a small fee. If you lose a homework card, please feel free to download a copy from this page or come and see me. 

Here is a copy of your child`s homework card. Please feel free to take a copy if you wish.
Happy New Year to all our children and parents in year 3. We hope you all had a relaxing Christmas holiday and are ready to start an exciting term of learning.
The children will have new experiences this year. They will be learning to play a brass instrument after Christmas and they will have opportunities to represent the school in both sport and music events around Plymouth. What an exciting year they are going to have!
If you have any questions about year 3 of KS2, please feel free to contact me.
Please can you help and encourage your child to do five reads each week as part of their school homework. Reading is so important as it can also help their writing and spelling skills. Please tick your child`s homework card to show how many reads they have done and also celebrate their reading by filling in their reading record. Your child can also write in their reading record but we do ask parents to sign them please. 
Our topic this term is `Can robots rule the world?` We will be investigating the impact robots have had on our lives and will be visiting some `real`robots at Plymouth University. After half term we will be learning about Japan and will be having a Japanese workshop with a special visitor.
On Tuesday 6th February, Year 3 travelled by bus to Plymouth University to visit the robotics laboratory. We were met by Jake and Phil who showed us their many robots and told us the history of robotics. We met many of their robots including Pixel, Scott, Eva, two robotic hands, a drone, a robotic mouse - and most exciting of all, we met Pepper. Pepper stands at 1.2m tall and is programmed to interact with people. She was able to read emotions from our faces and could dance and play music for us. We could tell her to `Strike a pose!` which she did, and was able to react to lots of different commands via an iPad on the front on her. The children (and staff!) absolutely loved interracting with her, and many of our children now want to become engineers and build robots when they are older! Have a look at our photos from the day.