Michaela Kerr

Governor name: Michaela Kerr
Category: Parent Governor
Appointing body: Governing Board in the absence of ballot requirement
Term: December 2019- December 2023
Responsibilities: Parental engagement
Register of business interest:
I currently have a daughter in the nursery at Widewell and I also have two younger children who I hope will attend the school eventually. 
Widewell Academy school is already a brilliant school and I want to maintain the high standard and support the school by becoming a governor. I believe education is very important and should be inclusive to everyone! 
After working in childcare for many years I am very passionate about the welfare of children, I am caring and friendly, empathetic and determined; all skills that I am looking forward to putting into practice during my term as a parent governor. I am looking forward to getting to know the school community better and supporting the school.  
Attendance for 2018/19 N/A