School Meals

The school is committed to encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  The school provides freshly prepared meals.  Children stay for school dinners or bring packed lunches.  These children are supervised during the lunch hour by Mealtime Assistants.  It is essential that children co-operate with these members of staff by behaving sensibly and quietly during the dinnertime.


Children pay for school dinners on a daily basis. Children in foundation, year one and year two are entitled to a free school meal.


Free School Meals are also provided for children of parents in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance.  Also, children whose parents receiving Child Tax Credit, but do not receive working Tax Credit may be entitled.  To receive further information please ask at the school office.  An official application form (BR35) must be completed; copies of which are obtainable from the school or Area Education office.  These grants are for a fixed period and should be renewed by the due date or the entitlement may be lost.  Children who have free meals are not identified in any way either in the classroom or dining hall.