Parent Support Adviser

My name is Lorna Trend and I am your Parent Support Advisor. I am in the Nurture Room or on the playground from 8.30-3.30 each day, except Tuesdays. I am available to support with any concerns you may have which affect your child or family. If I don’t know the answer I will endeavor to find someone who does! I can provide information and advice on a range of issues. I will also be providing support to pupils during the school day.


I am here to offer:

* Non-judgmental, impartial advice and support on a range of issues

* Help to complete forms or paperwork including online

* Support you in meetings at school or elsewhere

* Support around parenting and special educational needs

* Passing on your views and ideas to school

* Support for families new to the area and those with a family member in the Armed Forces

* Help parents to volunteer in school
* Support pupils in school 


The Nurture Room is located in KS2, between the classrooms and is a family friendly space where families and pupils are welcome. Feel free to come in have a look.  Pupils are  welcome to use the room at lunchtime, after eating, if they need a quiet space.


I will be working closely with the WPTA and The Ark to ensure that Widewell is a supportive, caring and happy place for pupils and families.


Please feel free to pop into reception, ring/text or email. 





Telephone: School office 778796 or my mobile 07436 839934